Quantum Nanostructures and
Nanofabrication Group

Prof. Karl K. Berggren and Dr. P. Donald Keathley

The frontier of information processing lies in nanoscience and nanotechnology research. At the nanoscale, materials and structures can be engineered to exhibit interesting new properties, some based on quantum mechanical effects. Our research focuses on developing nanofabrication technology at the few-nanometer length-scale. We use these technologies to push the envelope of what is possible with photonic and electrical devices, focusing in particular on superconductive and free-electron devices. Our research combines electrical engineering, physics, and materials science and helps extend the limits of nanoscale engineering.


New Publication “Design of a Power Efficient Artificial Neuron Using Superconducting Nanowires”
With the rising societal demand for more information-processing capacity with lower power consumption, alternative architectures inspired by the parallelism and robustness of the human brain have recently emerged as possible... Read more >>
New Publication “Vanishing carrier-envelope-phase-sensitive response in optical-field photoemission from plasmonic nanoantennas”
At the surfaces of nanostructures, enhanced electric fields can drive optical-field photoemission and thereby generate and control electrical currents at frequencies exceeding 100 THz. A hallmark of such optical-field photoemission is... Read more >>
Emily Toomey awarded 3rd prize in the “Schnitzer Prize in the Visual Arts” contest
Congratulations to Emily for being awarded the 3rd prize in the "Schnitzer Prize in the Visual Arts" contest. Established in 1996, the Harold and Arlene Schnitzer Prize is awarded each... Read more >>
Emily Toomey selected as 2019 AAAS Mass Media Fellow
Congratulations to Emily Toomey for being selected as 2019 AAAS Mass Media Fellow. The AAAS Mass Media Fellowship is a competitive program aimed at encouraging communication in science and fostering... Read more >>
New Publication “Measuring thickness in thin NbN films for superconducting devices”
The authors present the use of a commercially available fixed-angle multiwavelength ellipsometer for quickly measuring the thickness of NbN thin films for the fabrication and performance improvement of superconducting nanowire... Read more >>

The nanocryotron: A superconducting-nanowire three-terminal electrothermal device