The frontier of information processing lies in nanoscience and nanotechnology research. At the nanoscale, materials, and structures can be engineered to exhibit interesting new properties, some based on quantum mechanical effects. Our research focuses on developing nanofabrication technology at the few-nanometer length scale. We use these technologies to push the envelope of what is possible with photonic and electrical devices, focusing in particular on superconductive and free-electron devices. Our research combines electrical engineering, physics, and materials science and helps extend the limits of nanoscale engineering.

The nanocryotron: A superconducting-nanowire three-terminal electrothermal device

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Talks at CLEO2021 Conference

Our group participated in the CLEO2021 conference with two talks. You can find the abstracts at the following links: Marco Colangelo - Impedance-matched differential SNSPDs for practical photon counting with sub-10 ps timing jitter Dario Cattozzo Mor - PHz Electronic...

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