The QNN group hosted our first summer High School interns this year due to a grant from the National Science Foundation. By expanding the number of high schoolers with direct experience with ongoing research programs, the NSF hopes to increase the potential pool of future scientists. After working with the local Somerville and Medford High Schools, two students were accepted based on their applications to this paid month-long program.

Marjia Masrura Zasra and Caleb Chang of Medford High School worked with graduate student John Simonaitis and Group leader Dr. Donnie Keathley to create methods and models of observing the levels of liquid nitrogen remaining in the canisters. On the final day of the internship they jointly presented their findings on sound-based liquid sensing. They concluded on a best preliminary design and what the next steps could be. We’re proud of these interns for rising to the challenge of designing and implementing these experiments and fielding questions regarding their work!

Marjia, Caleb, John, Donnie, & JoeyHigh School Interns Marjia and Caleb with their data, John, Donnie, and Joseph Alongi after their presentation to the QNN group

This program will be offered again in Summer 2024 and information on the program timeline and applications will be distributed through Somerville and Medford High School.

This paid internship was supported by National Science Foundation grant “NSF Quantum Coherent Interactions” under contract No. 2110535