Congratulations to Mathew Yeung for receiving the Mathworks Fellowship!

Matthew Yeung is a PhD candidate whose research explores interactions between light and nanostructures for both fundamental research and the development of novel optoelectronic technologies. The focus of his current work, which will be supported by this MathWorks Fellowship, is the development of nanostructured devices that can interact with and measure light fields with sub-femtosecond resolution. These devices enable a critical new tool in visible to near-infrared optical metrology: a sampling oscilloscope for light waves, which could offer a fresh time-domain perspective on how light interacts with materials. Matthew’s work has large number of potential applications, including the creation of more efficient solar cells, understanding the fundamental energy transfer mechanisms that enable photosynthesis, and characterizing materials with unprecedented sensitivity. MATLAB has been vital in Matthew’s device design, experiment development, and instrumentation interfacing, and he looks forward to sharing the resulting tools with the MathWorks community. His work has the potential to help usher in revolutionary advances in light-based technologies.