Quantum Nanostructures and
Nanofabrication Group

Prof. Karl K. Berggren and Dr. P. Donald Keathley

New Publication “Jitter Characterization of a Dual-Readout SNSPD”

To better understand the origins of the timing resolution, also known as jitter, of superconducting nanowire single photon detectors (SNSPDs), we have performed timing characterizations of a niobium nitride SNSPD with a dual-ended readout. By simultaneously measuring both readout pulses along with an optical timing reference signal, we are able to quantify each independent contribution to the total measured jitter. In particular, we are able to determine values for the jitter due to the stochastic nature of hotspot formation and the jitter due to the variation of the photon detection location along the length of the nanowire. We compare the results of this analysis for measurements at temperatures of 1.5 K and 4.5 K.

A complete description of the work may be found here.